16 January 2011



These two faces made me laugh and smile all over myself today. And their hair looked really good, too. Both of them! It's a very rare day when we have both heads of crazy curls under control at the same time. Peabody is totally all ears and eyeballs for a few days after his Dad cuts his hair (which he did this morning), and I can never seem to stop myself from rubbing his little head as if it's a crystal ball or a fuzzy puppy. Completely irresistible.


  1. Those are some gorgeous kids! I can't believe how Bean is growing up.
    I used to do the same thing to Andy's head when his hair was newly cut. When he comes home now, with his Army cut, I still do!

  2. oh my goodness...when did your girl lose all her "baby"? sigh....she is beautiful in every way...and the boy....adorable as ever.


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