03 March 2011



The furniture for the new cozy room arrived yesterday. This is a snuggly little corner of the new sofa... the corner I could see from where I lay a few minutes ago, curled up with Peabody who was taking a nap.

Since everything was delivered yesterday at 8:30 AM, four of my best friends and I have cozied, Al and I have cozied, Bean and Peabody have cozied, and now Peabody and I have cozied. Three of us ended up asleep in there, but I won't reveal who else it was besides my baby boy! (Wink.)

I think we've hit the proverbial mark with the cozy room!


  1. I like your cozy room and I think I need one too!

  2. If I have posted seventeen times, I apologize. I keep getting an error message.

    Love the blanket! The photo definitely says "cozy" to me.


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