06 March 2011



Okay, technically, it's a banana split. Work with me.

Our weekend trickled by on laughing rivers of silliness, joy and peace, and I already miss being able to look up into or across at or over on Al's face whenever I feel like it.

The cozy room lived up to its name and it feels like a family-member in itself somehow, calling to us in different rooms until we wander into its arms and sink into its soft, warm glow like a mama-lap. We read books and watched movies there, and played half a card game and scattered marbles and danced and played horsey and I even got a foot rub from Bean. It lasted about nine seconds, but I'll take what I can get.

I'm filled with joy by these together days, and take not a moment of them for granted anymore. Life's shown me, not-so-gently of late, that times of simplicity and shoulders-unburdened and this happy, careless uneventfulness - which could be mistaken by some (but not me!) for boredom - can and do vanish, and so a family this blessed to just Be, Now, should cherish and savour them for the delicious treat that they are.

And so we do.


  1. The banana split looks yummy, but the post was pure delicious! Your words always touch me.


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