12 February 2011



Peabody's favorite place right now.

Boo car-yah.

(Blue car wash.)

He asks me a thousand times a day: Mama, ah go ah boo car-yah? Leeeeeeeeeez?

Today the boys (Daddy and Peabody) took the girls (Mama and Bean) out for a Valentine lunch. On our way, we stopped by the boo car-yah. And then, for the remaining 15 minute drive to our lunch destination, he cried, Go baaaah! Go baaah boo car-yah!

When I pulled up these pictures I took in the car-yah to edit them just now, he climbed up and sat on my lap and relived the experience over and over again, clapping and bouncing and squealing and pointing Car-yah, Mama! Car-yah!

Guess I captured it pretty well.


  1. The picture is cool - the post is great! Peabodies excitement makes me smile. Andy used to love the car wash too.

  2. Oh my goodness. THAT is the difference between boys and girls. Mookie literally SOBBED the entire time we were in the car wash. Which made Sprout cry. And, if that wasn't joy enough, the dang car wash didn't even get the car clean! Ppffftt.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this photo (and the way Peabody says "blue car wash")!

  4. it really is a great shot. I love the lines in it.


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