22 February 2011



Bean has strep now, and I woke up with an aching head and throat, so we shuffled Peabody off to school for the morning and crawled back into my bed together to watch the Food Network and play around on the iPad.

It's good to have a little alone time with my girl, even if we don't feel that great. Snuggling is good for what ails ya.


  1. Perfect shot for the day. Hope you both feel better soon!

  2. LOVE your comforter/quilt! HATE that you two are feeling poorly. Mookie has been a bit froggy-voiced the last couple of days and UNcharacteristically snuggly today, so I'm afraid she's getting sick, too. :-(
    I hope you both feel much betterer soon!

  3. hope you all feel better soon! love your jammies!


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