01 February 2011




Okay so maybe it's "Two pictures a day in 2011..."

Day One of February, and we're apparently on the front-side of what may be the worst blizzard on record for Chicago in 50 years. I tried my utmost to capture these early hours -- a fairly brutal, whirling snowstorm -- with my camera, but it's crazily hard to figure out where to focus because it seems as if EVERYTHING is moving out there. High winds, blowing snow, falling snow, thunder (!?), you name, we've got it. Even Al threw in the towel and came home from work at one o'clock today, which I hasten to report that he's NEVER done before, in five years of living here. So we're all together.

I've lit a fire and everything that matters to me glows safe and still and warm.

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  1. Sounds perfect - a fire and everyone together!
    The blizzard is hitting us too - we are supposed to get 15-18 inches and I have to go to work tomorrow! Not looking forward to that drive. :(


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