23 February 2011





I cannot get my children well! This is the windowsill where all the medicines and medicine cups and thermometers and droppers continue to pile up as we fight off one common childhood illness after another. I'm trying very hard to maintain my perspective because of course I know that things could be very much worse.


And I was going to say "But ..." and then whine for awhile.

Instead, I will stop short.

Things could be very much worse. This is my kitchen windowsill. These are just over- the-counter pain remedies and some antibiotics. My children, sick though they are, lie peacefully upstairs in their own beds, tucked in warmly and cozily by their Dad and me. We didn't even have to fight through any tubes or wires or IVs to kiss and hug them Goodnight. And we'll sleep in our own bed, Al and I, tonight, together.

Yeah. That's enough.


  1. So true! It's so hard to see our kids sick, but it could be so much worse.
    Still - I hope they are soon better!

  2. Love you, Megan. Even if you do make me tear up on a regular basis. ;)

    I do hope everyone is feeling better soon. xoxo


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