08 February 2011



Last spring, a box of hand-me-downs arrived from a friend who has a little boy Bean's age. I left the box hiding in the back of Peabody's closet, and re-discovered it in the latter days of summer. As fall approached and the days grew cooler, I pulled out these soft-soled cowboy kicks to ease onto Peabody with a pair of light socks, thinking they'd smooth the transition to hard-soled shoes from his beloved lop-lops (flip-flops) that he wore every. single. day. all summer long.

Um... it's turned out to be a fairly long transition.

Peabody calls these his 'tar choos, and now he wears them every. single. day. As you can see, they're extremely well-loved and well-worn, but still in pretty good shape and will last until lop-lop season rolls around again. Only other choos he'll allow on this feet these days are his snow boots, and lemme tell you, that involves no small amount of convincing.


  1. They do look well loved. Glad you got a picture of them since they have been such a big part of his life!

  2. We have 3 pairs of shoes around here - black mary janes, red mary janes, and pink fuzzy boots. Mookie loves them all equally, and has been known to try to wear 2 pairs at a time... :o)
    If Sprout were crawling yet, I'd have some on her feet, but there's no point having Robeez on a sitting baby. :o)

  3. These look familiar. I don't recall either of mine liking those Robeez shoes. Ava has several pair that are like new..... I don't suppose Peabody would like some pink ones too. :-) We have a contract on a house! We are hoping to close at the end of March. We just got back from ATL (thought of you as I drove of course!) with my parents. They sold their house and had to be out 15 days later! My sweet inlaws took care of N and A for 5 days so I could pack up my parents. They will stay with us and my sister some until they find someplace to rent. No ties to GA anymore...... Miss you! xoxo Julie


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